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I have been working as a professional photographer in Croatia (Zagreb) for 20 years. I have extensive experience in all areas of photography, especially in advertising (commercial) photography.

Combining the acquired knowledge with the specificities of Croatian market, I perfected in two areas:

1) Product photography of products and packaging, namely in the segment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food (I am a food & beverage stylist as well – a person who prepares the packaging for a shoot, puts drops, ice cubes and prepares the scenography according to client’s demands). In recent years I have cooperated with the publishers and chefs themselves in making cookbooks (in one year, my photographs were used to illustrate 6 cookbooks and I worked with some of the best chefs in Croatia – Stéphan Macchi, Jeffrey Vella and others).

2) Shooting visuals with the scenography and actors for the clients who demand full production in compliance with high advertising standards, where the emphasis is on communication and cooperation with creative artists of all profiles.

My photography equipment meets all the requirements – from micro lighting for special conditions during a video/film shoot, flash lighting for an editorial shoot, flash lighting with continuous control of light temperature for product photography, to fluo- and LED lighting for shooting special effects. For successful completion of the assignments I use small, medium and large format cameras – Canon – Hasselblad – Linhof (more about the equipment at the end of the document).

Furthermore, I cooperate/used to cooperate with all magazines/periodicals in the Croatian market, namely in the area of author portraits and editorials. I collaborated with the best contemporary creative directors in Croatia and broader: Ivica Spasovski, Branimir Lazanja, Goran Štimac, Zvonimir Koretić, Purgar Krešo, Srđan Gulić, Bino Uršić.

I worked as an editor of several magazines:
- the chief editor of XL magazine 1999-2001
- the chief editor of B4L magazine 2005-2007
- editor of Blur magazine 2010-2012

My engagement in professional associations:
- former President of the Arts Council at ULUPUH (roof organisation of all Croatian applied arts artists)
- former President of the Arts Council at Photo Section at ULUPUH
- Vice President of the Photo Section at ULUPUH
- Member of FEP - Federation of European Photographers

Further activities: videography (video shooting in the personal production).